10 Things Mothers Do That Make Them Unique

Nothing is cooler, funner, and more exciting than being a mother. The adventure starts the day you discover your pregnant and it literally never stops from that moment on. Being a mother lasts a lifetime and it brings along with it some fun times, silly mistakes, and lots of hard work! Its undeniable that a mother is, well, an expert at being a mother! You see there are certain things that only mothers can do and that’s what makes them even more special than the person they are.

Check out this list below and see some interesting and albeit awesome facts about moms and why they are the only ones who can do it!

The top 10 things that makes mothers unique and only they can do:

10 Things That Mothers Do To Make Them Unique1.) Mothers will go out and get not just one, but two jobs so their children can get into that college and keep live out their dreams!

2.) Spend hundreds of dollars on veterinary surgery on your gold fish because its “your” pet gold fish and you love em’!

3.) Change your kids diaper with just one hand and still be able to hold onto her shopping bags because she doesn’t want them touching the bathroom floor!

4.) Mothers will go out and buy their kids an entirely new wardrobe even if they only have one shirt that fits them and it was the one they bought when had the belly during pregnancy!

5.) Make chocolate chip pancakes in the shape of a smile face just because it puts a smile on their kids face.

6.) Will drop an entire weeks paycheck on going to Disney just so they can make their children happy and have the pictures of them there to remember it!

7.) Mothers will give up sleeping comfortable and let all 5 kids hop in with her!

8.) Will literally stick her head against your butt in public and smell the diaper just in case you left a squishy surprise.

9.) Mothers clean, shop, make dinner, help with homework, pick you up, drop you off, pick you up again, and put you to bed, and it leaves her about 10 minutes to sip some wine. But you know what the best part of her day was? It wasn’t the 10 minutes she had with her wine, it was the entire day she spent doing everything for you so you could have a “great” life!

10.) Mothers are the only ones who will stay awake all night and worry about their 50 year old “child” who got laid off!

We love you mom!!!

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