Baby Gender Prediction Test

One of the oldest tests humans have done is a Baby Gender Prediction Test. For as long as we have had babies here on earth, we have been trying to guess what will be the gender of our baby. Now that technology and science have made leaps and bounds over old testing, you can now have a much more accurate detection of what gender your baby will be. Even so there are many false ways to do gender prediction so make sure you know what will work and what will not.

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Some of these gender prediction methods are said to work and some are said to be simply and old wives tale. One method in particular is that some mothers have said if you are craving certain foods you can predict the sex of  your baby. An example is shown that if you are craving sweets such as candy or dark chocolate then your baby will end up being a girl. Baby Gender Prediction TestThen on the other hand if you are craving foods like pickles and lemons then your prediction of gender will be a baby boy. This has not been scientifically proven, although many women will attest to this being true.

Some of the baby gender prediction tests out there may seem like they are real tests, but they are also simply just a myth and are not true. A good example is the Drano test that may appear to look like a real science test but in reality, it simply does not work. With this test mothers mix their urine with Drano and see different results. Science has proven that there is nothing in urine that alters the Drano that will prove or predict the gender of your baby.

Another method of detecting baby gender prediction that has been proven to not be necessarily true is that you can look at the fetal heart rate. In the past, mothers and doctors have said if the baby’s fetal heart rate is above 140 then you will most likely have a female baby. Although this has been slightly debunked in the last few years as tests have shown it may not be linked. This connection, while proven to be somewhat false, can still be a fun way to guess a baby’s gender.

If you really want to get scientific about baby gender prediction then maybe you should consider doing ultrasounds or the blood tests that show strong results. The most consistent test will always be the ultra sound because of the success rate and technology behind it. The most accurate test is the genetic test done with blood sampling but most parents do not do this just to find out what gender their baby will be. Usually, this type of test is done for another reason because there can be complications involved. It has been shown that sticking with the ultrasound is a good way to go. Of course you can always use a baby generator like the one at which is free to use. You can try having fun with the game and predicting the sex of your baby gender.

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