Being Young And Pregnant

OK, well I guess it was not that having my first baby was never on my list of things to do: But I was definitely planning on waiting at least 3 or 4 years more. Who would have thought that I would be so young and pregnant? Then again, what defines the age of being young may differ to various people. For me, anything under the age of 18 is young for having your first newborn. I recently found I was pregnant and I can tell you that its tough on not just yourself but also your friends who sometimes don’t understand.

It seems like it was just yesterday that boyfriend was out riding dirt bikes with his friends while I was out with my own at a bar, sipping on fine wine we could barely pay for, and just having the time of our life. What its like to be young and pregnantWe were joking about having a baby when a light bulb went off in my head. I started thinking about how I had missed my period and only hours later I was holding a small stick trying to determine if in fact I was pregnant. It was as bold as the line would get and we were having our first baby together.

Since we found we were having a baby we decided in was in the best interest to push off the wedding so we could save some more money. Then we soon found ourselves pushing other things back such as getting out and hanging with friends. With that said, being young and pregnant changes your life quickly. The days of finding nothing but fun to do were overtaken by days of planning for my baby’s first day home, finances, and other “adult” issues. The hardest part about it was seeing all my friends going out and partying while I was telling them I can’t. It would backfire on me and they would sometimes be upset or give an attitude about me never seeing them anymore. I was excited to know I’m having a baby but I was also hit by the realization that the friend days were pretty much over. After all, I am now going to be a mom!

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