Funny Pranks You Can Do – Submitted By Friends

Here is a list of some awesome and flat out funny pranks that you can do to your friends and your family members. Have a buddy who has been annoying you or mabye you have a younger sister who won’t leave you alone! Try out one of these funny pranks and see what happens!

Shower Makeover:

This is definitey a harsh joke so this should be played out on someone you are not found of because you may get some backlash! First, you’ll need to make sure that the persons shampoo bottle is clear and you won’t be able to see what is inside. Next, you’ll want to pour out all of the shampoo in the bottle. Then, pour in hair dye into the shampoo bottle. They will freak out!

Welcome Home:

When my friends bought their first house we played a small joke on them. What we did was go out and buy some very odd items like pink flamingos and nomes and such that we could place throughout their yard. This way every morning when they went outside or came home at night there were always new items in their yard. It really got their brain and they thought neighbors may have been messing with them because they were new to the neighborhood.

Funny Pranks You Can DoBeach Hole:

This prank works best when your on vacation or visiting the beach for the day. You’ll need to wait for the person your with to leave, like say, go to the bathroom. While they are gone, move the towel they were laying on and dig big hole where it was. You’ll need to do this fast because they will be coming right back. Once you have a hole dug, put the towel back where it was so it is covering the entire hole. When they return and go to sit down they will fall through and into the hole! This is great for a good laugh! Plus, you can film it too!

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