How Soon Can You Detect The Sex Of Your Baby

There are important factors in play when it comes to how soon can you detect the sex of your baby. Of all these factors the number one you need to consider is what is the exact method you will use to predict or detect the sex of your baby. You’ll be pressed to know that depending on the method used, it will vary as to how soon or early you can use them, and also how accurate that method of baby gender detection is.

It is deemed the most accurate of baby gender detection is a test which will use a type of sampling called amniocenteses or chorionic villus, which is sometimes refereed to as CVS sampling. Usually, this type of test is not used to detect the sex of a baby, however, by the end of the test you will be able to know. This is because the genetic material that captured can then be looked at and used to detect the sexy of your baby. If this CVS sampling was going to be done it would be used during the 10th week or the 13th week of pregnancy. On the other hand, an amniocentesis is done during the pregnancy week of the 14th through the 20th week. There all types of free baby generator predictor methods you can do instead of those.

How early can you detect the sex of a baby boy or girlThe most common method of detection is using an ultrasound to detect the sex of a baby. As long as you do the test after the 16th week then most likely the doctor will be able to detect the sex of your baby. Of course there are other factors that can prevent this test from working that soon. If you’re looking for an accurate way to detect the sex of a baby then using an ultrasound after the 20th week of will yield a more accurate result. Results have shown to be around 95% accurate if you wait until the 21st week or later.

You are not simply limited to those test though as there are several other methods to detect the sex of a baby boy or girl. During the 6th week of pregnancy you can try a blood test that is known to predict the sex of your baby. You will need to purchase one of these test if you wanted to go that route. These tests have not been proven to be more or less accurate than others, but they do offer a full refund for tests that are shown to be wrong.

Another interesting and talked about to detect to the sex of your baby is to use pregnancy symptoms to predict the sex of a baby. This is not a scientific method and is generally used for fun. Most parents have some joy in seeing if they were right when they finally get a definite result. Why not try it out and see if you can detect the sex of your newborn baby.

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