My Baby Boy Is Turning One Year Old!

When they say life moves fast and you need to pay attention… well, you really should because as we get older time seems to fly by. As crazy as it sounds, I feel like just a few days ago I had my little boy. The one who was always sleeping, happy with the toys he had, and just curious about the world! Now, my little boy is growing up and will almost be a toddler and is really trying to explore. He has found out how to climb and how to have a crying tantrum in order to get what he wants. You see, my baby boy is now turning one year old! Its time for me to be an expert mom!

Now that my boy is having his first birthday, I can really see how fast time flies. Yeah, its definitely going to be cliche that I might be saying this but its true. 1 year old baby birthday I remember taking him home for the first night and knowing I had just started my family with my husband. Now everything is changed and he is getting older. In fact, we are thinking about having our second child and hopefully we’ll find out we are pregnant soon. I can imagine having two would be so much fun.

My baby boy has been amazing to our lives and has given us so many memories from the very first time we saw him to the way he tries to climb in his crib now. I know the toddler stage is just around the corner and my hopes are that my son will somehow make it through it without tearing through the house and causing problems. I love how he is started to explore more but my little baby boy was so cute and easy to take care of. I just hope that adorable side stays with him while he goes through the terrible twos!

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