My New Years Resolutions – For Me And My Baby

This year I have decided to make a few resolutions. Some of those were simple, while others where complicated and close to my heart. Why where some so complicated and near and dear to my heart? Because I made those resolutions towards my babies! I decided that I will be a better mother, in fact, the best mother I could possibly be. I’ll take amazing care of you and keep you safe, always. I’ll breastfeed you whenever you’re hungry and I’ll never lay a hand on you. Now you might be asking why was it so complicated then? The birth of a child is filled with so much tremendous amount of emotion and so much excitement at the same time. It was a time for joy, but it was also a time for change. You see I have had to change my entire schedule, everything I do for my babies. This goes the same for every mother out there. It’s what a mother does and is. I decided I would give my resolutions to giving my all to my babies.

New Years BabyI’m one who always gives resolutions a real go and I try to put my best foot forward to stick with them and ride them out. My resolutions are a change in direction and a change in life if you say. I usually great the first day of the year with a list I need accomplish during theĀ  year. This year was different. I decided I need to stick with ones that where for my children, and not so much myself. Although, all these resolutions will benefit me as well including building a bond to bring us closer. For one, I will stop procrastinating and taking longer than I should to get items done. I want to be organized. Wait a minute? Those resolutions are for me, and not my children right? Actually, they are for my children too. I’m taking this landmark of a day to improve our lives and make them better for the long term.

Of course there are the resolutions I have failed to meet. Whether its loosing weight for spring break or planing a once in life time vacation that hasn’t happened yet. This time is different. Because my main resolutions are for my kids, I feel a need to accomplish them even more. Improve not just my life, but their life. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone on this one. After all, I keep asking myself what type of mother will my kids think I am. When they are older I want them to see say mom you are the best and you did your best, thank you for that! Happy New Years Baby!