New Baby And Pregnancy Update! We Are Back!

I wanted to update all of my followers and let them know that we are back from vacation and will begin to to post regular content from here on out. Hopefully, we can start this week with continuous updates and also letting everyone know what is going on within our daily lives as well as with our websites.

As for an update on our family! Our first child just turned 5 years old and we are as proud as parents can be. The little snuggle bug is doing great. This means we will have more time to devote to fixing up the Baby Generator website and hopefully improving the features. I would like to have more options in the upload area and for customizing your baby pictures. New Baby And Pregnancy UpdateThis should be implemented soon but go ahead and try out the system right now.

The great news is not over just yet! Our family is happy to announce that we will be having another baby! Yes, you heard that right! We just recently found out that we are once again pregnant and our family is expecting a new baby boy or girl soon. We will post pregnancy updates as often as we can. Our goal is to add pictures as the weeks progress.

Also, we wanted to give a huge thanks to our users who have been with us on this long journey!

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