Ovulation And Predicting A Baby’s Gender

A common question I am asked about is can you use ovulation in predicting a baby’s gender. Now, there are no proven tests that have been done and there is no 100% fact sheet saying you can. However, it may be possible to a certain extent. Using ovulation can be somewhat reliable because of the medical issues behind it and the fact that you only have two genders to choose from. The chances are that you are correct are almost half and because of this the rate of success can sometimes double.

Ovulation And baby Gender PredictionIn order to use ovulation, however, there are certain requirements you must meet and you’ll need to know them. It’s important to know the days of your cycle because if you are off even just 1 or 2 days it can make your prediction that much less accurate. You’ll need to know the day you were ovulating and you must be sure. On top of this, you’ll need to know the day the baby was conceived because it is just as important as the day you started. Make sure you have a precise day or you baby prediction using ovulation can be slightly off.

Next, you can use some simple mathematics to figure out your prediction. You’ll need the day the baby was conceived and also the day you know you were ovulating. If you look at the dates and see were within right around two day’s to two and half days of each other then the sex of your baby will most likely be a male. Now, you can find the opposite prediction if conception has occurred two and half days prior o ovulation. In this case, you’ll be expecting a female baby girl! This makes for a cool baby generator predictor that is somewhat accurate to use early on.

The main reason that this system of prediction works is because of how sperm work. The sperm of a baby girl will always be much stronger and can outlive the sperm that are made to produce a male. However, the sperm that makes a baby boy will swim much faster than a sperm which will produce a baby girl. The male sperm will most likely win the sperm race to get into the egg. If you look at it this way you’ll understand why this method of ovulation to predict a baby’s gender can work. If conception was made farther than 2 and half days then it will most likely be a girl because the boy sperm would have died off. However, if conception is very close to ovulation the boy sperm can make it to fertilize the egg faster. This is a fun way to see how soon you can detect the sex of a baby. Try these methods out and see what you come up. You never know, you might just detect the sex of your baby by doing the math about ovulating!

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