Pregnancy Symptoms And Baby Gender Prediction

First, I should point out that there has not been any clear and deep research done that would suggest you can predict the gender of a baby from specific pregnancy symptoms or how severe they may be. Now with that said, there are thousands of women around the world that will tell you 100% for sure that pregnancy symptoms will in fact predict the gender of a baby. Maybe this entire idea is all fun and games or maybe it is real. One thing is for sure is that you can’t rely on just that to be so positive, although it is worth giving it a shot.

Think about it this way; It can be exciting to look at your pregnancy symptoms and compare them to other women with a chance you may predict the gender. This can be a fun method to predict the gender of a baby until you have the opportunity to use a proven scientific method. Why not explore the idea ? Maybe you will be correct with the prediction. The only way to know would be to give it a go and then compare the results once you are certain of the gender.

Pregnancy Symptoms and Baby Gender PredictionIf you’re up for the idea, let’s talk about what pregnancy symptoms are known to have a connection with having a baby girl. It has been shown that those who are having a craving for sweets such as sugar or chocolate, that the prediction is it will be female baby. On the opposite spectrum, others will say if you have a craving for foods with a sour taste, then you might have the prediction of having a baby boy. Sour tastes can include sour candy or even raw lemons. The main problem with comparing what foods you’re craving is the fact that most women will crave a lot of various foods including sweet and sour products which will make the process of baby gender prediction using foods much harder to distinct between female and male. While this symptom is harder to predict, if you are craving one more than the other then that can give you some food for thought.

Speaking of another common symptom of pregnancy that many say you can tell if it will be a boy or girl is if you are breaking out with acne. They say that if you have a more severe case of breaking out then the chances of having a girl are much higher. This would mean if you have a slight breakout of acne then that means you will be having a baby boy. This might help you answer the question of how will our baby look.

Another symptom of pregnancy to consider in the prediction of baby gender is looking at hair growth. Being that men in general have more body hair than women, it is considered having a boy if you are experiencing more body hair during your pregnancy. On the other hand if you are not growing more body hair than usual, it is safe to say you’re having a female. This is just another way to look for baby gender prediction using pregnancy symptoms.

Our of all the pregnancy symptoms you’ll find that the most general one is morning sickness and it just might help in predicting your baby’s gender. Mom’s who believe in predicting baby gender using pregnancy symptoms will say that if you are extremely sick then the chances of a boy are more than a girl. Of course you can always use a baby generator to predict the baby gender, but this is also a fun way. Another question you ask yourself is when do you usually get sick? Are you having morning sickness in the morning or morning sickness at night? I ask this question because mothers will say that if you are sick in the morning more then you will be having a boy. If you are sick at night on most occasions, then chances are you will have a girl baby. All of this can help you with baby gender prediction.

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