The First 30 Days As A New Mom

Almost all new moms will say that there is no way they can describe the joy, excitement, and overall emotion that you experience when you hold your tiny and adorable baby for the first time. While these feelings of excitement and newness are common, there are other feelings that you may have to including being confused on what to do, doubting yourself, and maybe even feeling a slight sense of anxiety. This is all part of being a new mom.

But did you know that all of this is completely normal? Its true, you’re not going insane. This is because the first 30 days of going through being a new mother is similar to being at a theme park. Its a roller coaster full of emotions and a new ride right after another. This excitement we fell when having a baby is sometimes clouded with other feelings like being tired and full of tension. This is something that all moms will experience and if you learn how to get through it all, you’ll come out as the winner in the race to experience. New MomYou see you might feel happy one minute and then overloaded the next. Did you know that over 300K women are giving birth each day so its safe to say that you are definitely not alone! If you have tears in your eyes one minute because your stressed out and you can’t stop laughing with joy the next minute, its simply called being a mother. A new mother at that because you’re not use to being so busy with this change you have not experienced. Just think back to the time when you said I can’t wait to see my new baby! Get ready for all the excitement and fun that comes along with it!

As a new mother there will always be challenges you experience, especially in the first 30 days. Whether its feeling fatigued or you feel slightly depressed. For some it gets even harder because if you’re a mother on your 4th child you have other children to care for and have another challenge with the baby. Yes, it can be difficult but you can work through it. All women will deal with this challenge that we can label motherhood. Some women will deal with it better than others but if you give it your all and your best attitude you can do anything. You should be inspired by your new bundle of happiness called you baby. Use that inspiration to leap over any hurdles and go the mile. Do your best and you will succeed at being a new mother! You may experience some difficult times, but stay with it and you’ll see a lifetime of happiness and excitement with your new family. I never new being a mother could be so exhilarating, plus make such a positive and prolific impact on my life.

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