What Will My Baby Look Like?

Have you ever asked yourself the following question?

What will my baby look like?

Well your not alone because thousands of people are always thinking the same thing! One of the coolest things about being pregnant is when your wondering what your newborn baby will look like. You might ask yourself will she be long? What about tall? Or will he have hair on his head?

But you have to remember that not all newborns arrive on scene looking all pink and chubby. Babies are born in hospitals all around the world with various and different looks in appearance ranging from stork bites to port wine stains.

When your newborn is first born, she or he may look dark red or purple in color. Babies hands and feet can even appear to be bluish for the first two days because of immature blood circulation. Now blue in other parts of the body is not considered normal and should be immediately checked out. The same goes if your baby is looking yellowish.

Sometimes babies are first born with an extra elongated head, called moulding. This is simply a normal overlap of bones which are movable during birth and will resolve within in just one or two days.

What Will My Baby Look Like

Now your baby really did not arrive by a stork, but he or she might have something called stork bites or salmon patches on their skin. This is just a concentration of immature vessels of blood which will fade over time. Sometimes they are seen on the eyelids, back of the neck, between eyes, and on the upper lip. This is why they are called stork bites because it looks like a stork may have flew in and picked up the newborn baby!

Some babies can even have something referred to port wine stains. These may be birth marks in red, pink, and even purple. This is a concentration of the small capillaries and are most likely to be found on the head or neck. Small surgery can cake of this using laser surgery to remove birth marks when your baby is older.

What to know exactly what your baby will look like? Check out the baby generator. This will cool website will morph two pictures of the parents into one to show you exactly what your baby will look like.

Now knowing how your baby may arrive should give you some insight and some confidence of what to expect. Your baby will be very much beautiful whether he or she has moulding or has the common stork bites! You can always talk to your pediatrician to answer anymore questions you have may have.

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